27th - 29th July 2018
@ Stoke Prior Country Club

10 Hacks for Festival Camping



We're so excited for Wizzafest next year, we already have our thinking caps on for how we can host the best festival yet.
We've put together some camping hacks, that will be the perfect for our weekend campers. Don't worry, we'll re-post our hacks closer to the time. For now, grab a tea and dream about summer camping whilst dressing up your house in time for Christmas.



1. Keeping your feet warm is super easy
The worst thing about camping is when it gets very cold at night, and where do we get cold first? - Yep! it's your feet.
Fill a water bottle with hot water and put it at the bottom of your sleeping bag. - Toasty Feet alert!


2. Bring a duvet rather than a sleeping bag
If you are a couple and want to share a sleeping bag it can be a little squished. Bringing a duvet means that you can cosy up together, - the kids and all.


3. Bring extra toilet paper
Don't you hate it when you're on the loo and notice that the toilet paper is missing? Don't let that happen, bring your own. Or if you get that festival flu and you need to blow your nose in the middle of the night, grab for the extra toilet paper.


4. Be creative with a light, ideal for kids who hate sleeping in the dark
Get a bottle of water and strap your headlight onto in, with the light facing inward.  It's great for children and for when you don't fancy getting ready in the dark. 


5. Keep yourself warm with clothes
If you don't fancy number one, use your clothes to keep warm. Put your dry clothes at the bottom of your sleeping bag to keep those feet toasty.

6. Clean socks
Don't you hate the feeling of never having clean socks when you're camping? Instead keep a clean pair of socks in your sleeping back and use them for sleeping only. You'll thank us later!


7. Keep the essentials in a handy place
Put the toiletry essentials in an easy to reach place - ready for your morning rituals. Keeping your pyjamas in your sleeping bag is also great for when you go to bed and it's dark. The same can be said for the next morning's outfit.


8. Roll when you pack
Roll your clothes when packing your camping bag. It creates more room in your bag for other necessities.


9. Solar charge 
Bringing a solar phone charger is great for camping, it's so much easier than trying to find a plug in a field.


10. Similar to number five - Keeping tomorrows clothes warm is essential for easy camping.
Don't you hate it when you wake up to put tomorrow's clothes on and your jeans feel cold and frosty? Keep the clothes warm by putting them in your sleeping bag whilst you sleep.


What are your camping hacks?