27th - 29th July 2018
@ Stoke Prior Country Club

10 Reasons to buy an early bird ticket

10 Reasons for buying an early bird ticket - What buying an early bird ticket means for you.




Buying a Wizzafest ticket at early bird prices has so many benefits for both the visitor and for us as an event. We know you might be putting off the idea of purchasing a ticket and taking the risk to buy at a later date. But the truth is Early Bird tickets have so many benefits and we're giving you an insight into what that means.

1. You're getting the tickets at a reduced price. Yes, this is an obvious one. Buying your tickets early means that you're purchasing it cheaper then you would if you waited. I mean, why wait if you'll save money on your ticket.

2. You're guaranteed entry. Purchasing our tickets early means that you will be guaranteed a spot in our festival. Don't miss out, by waiting too long. If you wait too long the early bird tickets may sell out.

3. Take the risk. A lot of people put off purchasing the Early Bird ticket because they want to know more info such as the lineup, stalls and activities available. But purchasing the early bird tickets means that you have your ticket early before everyone else has learnt what's happening.

4. If you're a big group or family purchasing the ticket in advance it's ideal. You will be spending less then you normally would and you would guarantee entry for all of your group.

5. You don't have to worry about buying them at a later date. Let's give you some peace of mind. Purchasing your ticket early means that you don't have to worry about buying them at a later date. Instead, you can focus on waiting for the festival to begin, by looking at our social media channels for regular updates. In some cases, if you leave it too long, it could be too late.

6. Plan your trip. With your ticket situation sorted in plenty of time, this means that you can plan your trip. You can also save money to purchase the costly things like a tent, or alternative accommodation.

7. As an event, it helps us greatly! Here at Wizzafest, we're always open and upfront about our event and what we do. Our early bird ticket sales pay for the bulk of the festival, so all of you organised people out there who purchase the tickets early make our festival happen.

8. We are all volunteers at Wizzafest and seeing our early bird tickets sell, is a great achievement for us. With people buying our tickets in advance it means that we are on the right track for making Wizzafest a local household name.

9. Avoid the ques. There's nothing worse than forgetting to buy your ticket and having to queue early on the day. Save the hassle and purchase your tickets now.

10. You're doing something good for Wizzafest and helping Macmillan Cancer Support. Buying early bird tickets helps Wizzafest 2018 and all future Wizzafest events. It also helps us continue to help raise money for Macmillan Cancer Support.

So what are you waiting for? Grab your purse and buy our Wizzafest 2018 tickets now!!
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