27th - 29th July 2018
@ Stoke Prior Country Club

6 Reasons why you should be festival camping


Pitching tents, dark nights hunting for the zip and cuddling up for warmth.
This is why we love festival camping


Are you one of those people that attend a festival, but tend to book a hotel room or a stay at a B&B? Camping at a festival is part of the experience and although it may be a little muddy and you may feel filthy at times, it's all part of the festival initiation. For those that tend to stay a night elsewhere, this is a post for you.


1. It's an experience
Camping or staying in a caravan during festival season is an experience for many. You can't get away with having the real 'festival experience' if you are heading to a hotel at the end of the night. Camping for many festival goers is a right of passage, to experience the dirt, late-night antics, and evening entertainment.


2. You can create a home away from home
Camping doesn't always mean sleeping rough. You can create a cosy home from home in your little tent. Rather than a sleeping bag, you can always bring your duvet from home, or your pillow or cushions. You can make a tent or campervan as cosy as you want. It doesn't have to be an uncomfortable experience.


3. It's easier, so much easier
When you have the option to stay on site, it means that life is just a lot easier. You're able to drink alcohol without the worry of who is driving home, everyone can relax and enjoy themselves with a glass of prosecco. You also have no curfew of when you have to be home. You don't have that awkward situation of when one person wants to go home and the other person wants to stay out later, instead, you can retreat to your tent when you have had enough. Finally, you won't miss any evening entertainment or music experience, because you don't have to leave early.


4. Kid friendly
Camping is fun and kid-friendly. It's great for families to encounter the camping experience with their children and to share memories. It's excellent for when kids are tired or need some time out, they can head back to their campervan to relax. Children can also use their tent to play with friends and use it as a meeting point if they are separated.


5. Midday nap
It's no surprise that festivals can be tiresome, all that dancing can leave you a little sleepy when it comes to midday. Staying on the festival grounds means that you can retreat to your accommodation when you're tired, or when you want a rest from the music and festival fun.


6. Social aspect
Congregations of friends around the camping grounds, having fun and making memories is what festival camping is all about. You have neighbours that you can speak to and you become part of this mini-community of campers. You share a space with people you might not normally speak to and spending time with friends in close proximity will probably make you closer.