27th - 29th July 2018
@ Stoke Prior Country Club

7 Ways to stay healthy during WIZZAFEST

Photo courtesy of JAIME RAMOS


It's hard to imagine the atmosphere of festival season as we're approaching Christmas in just a months time. But in light of our applications for food and holistic stalls opening, we've decided to divulge into our top tips for staying healthy during WIZZAFEST and other festivals.


1. Stay hydrated
It's important to stay hydrated throughout the weekend of festival antics. The exposure to the warm weather, alcohol and all of that dancing can make you thirsty. Bring a big bottle of water and make sure that you take regular sips throughout the day. Hydration is so important to keep your body going, 6-8 glasses a day is the recommended amount to take. It's no surprise that festival goers are the worst for staying hydrated. Not drinking to avoid the festival loos, swapping your water bottle for a can of Strongbow or simply forgetting as you dance till your feet hurt, festival attendees are the worst. So when you pack for your festival this year, be sure to bring your water bottle and to be aware of how much you are drinking.


2. Rest
A weekend-long festival can be tiring, so it's important to take regular breaks. Whether that be a nap in your tent or simply sitting in your camping chair, resting up and taking breaks is important to stay healthy. Taking time out of your day to rest up and relax is essential in your body's health. If you are a light sleeper, be sure to take earplugs to avoid the festival chatter and to get plenty of sleep.


3. Visit holistic stalls
Our applications for holistic stalls are now open. Apply here. We hope to have a range of activities which include massages and reflexology. To make your festival weekend as enjoyable as possible, visiting these stalls will be worthwhile. Indulging in these types of services will mean that both you and your body can stay happy and healthy.


4. Take part in yoga
Everybody knows that yoga and meditation can work wonders for your body and is great for overall health. At WIZZAFEST we hope to have yoga practices during our festival next year. Applications now open. Apply here.
Taking part in this service will enhance your mindfulness and energy during WIZZAFEST. Whether this will be your 1st time doing yoga or your 100th time, visitors will see the benefits of this healthy and mindfulness practice.


5. Head to the healthy snack stalls
Applications for food vendors is now open. Apply here.
To keep healthy at WIZZAFEST heading to the healthy snack stalls will be beneficial during the festival weekend. Eating a balanced and healthy diet is great for aiding weight loss and overall health in your body. We hope to have a variety of food stalls at WIZZAFEST that will not only be beneficial for your body but also add to the festival experience.


6. Drink Responsibly 
It's no surprise that alcohol will be served during festival season. But it's important that drinking responsibility is your number one priority when intaking alcohol. Although it's fun, social and relaxing, an overindulgence in the booze can lead you to feel pretty rubbish the following day. Drinking an excessive amount of alcohol can also cause a loss of control over your actions, ensure that you are safe and stay hydrated whilst enjoying yourself.


7. Be mindful
Overall be mindful, know when you have reached your limits or when you need to take a break. Be mindful of the people around you and whether they too are looking after themselves. Festivals are meant to be enjoyed, so relax and relish in this fun experience, whilst also being mindful of your body and what's going on around you.


If you are interested in applying for a food stall, mindfulness experience or any other stalls. Apply here.