27th - 29th July 2018
@ Stoke Prior Country Club

Best European Festivals 2018

© Akuppa John Wigham

The festival season is over and we're looking forward to the seasons of Spiced Pumpkin Lattes, cosy fires and Christmas decorations. As I'm turning the thermostat on, October seems a far cry away from the glitter, space buns and festival vibes of the summer. But at Wizzafest we can't help but look forward to our own festival next year, as well as some of Europes best celebrations. Here are our top ten festivals in Europe that we can't wait to visit. Of course, ours will be number one.


1: Wizzafest: 27th - 29th July 2018 - Stoke Prior Country Club, Bromsgrove, UK.

There's nothing wrong with a bit of self-promotion. Wizzafest is celebrating it's twelfth year, continuing in supporting the fundraising of Macmillan cancer. It's a family festival that promotes community, enterprise and music. The three-day event offers activities for families in a relaxing environment. Music includes various genres including acoustic evenings. Wizzafest is a unique event offering opportunities for people to showcase their talents of music, trade and performance. It's a festival celebrating community, diversity and of course raising money.



2: Venice Carnival: 27th January - 13th February 2018 - Venice, Italy.

I'm probably cheating adding a few non-music festivals, but it still counts on my list. I have always wanted to visit this festival. It's located in Venice and is world famous because of the masks. It's a sort of masquerade festival that has people displaying wonderfully designed masks. The magical city becomes saturated with masked men and women. Although it can be rumoured to be overcrowded, the charm of Venice and the opportunity of seeking a unique event shouldn't be overshadowed.

©Sergey Galyonkin


3: La Tomatina festival: 29th August 2018, Bunol, Spain.

Not a music festival I'm afraid, but I couldn't resist putting this at the top of the list. A festival for throwing tomatoes, I mean, where else will you see that? Its a food fight festival held in the town Bunol, Spain. It's basically the worlds biggest food fight. Thousands upon thousands of people attend each year to throw more than one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes.


©Diariocritico de Venezuela


4: Outlook festival: Dates to be announced - Pula, Croatia.

This festival is based in an abandoned Roman Fort in Croatia. It's said to be unlike any other festival site in the world. It is 'the largest sound system culture festival in Europe'. A four-day festival that brings lively performances from the biggest names in the dance scene. It's hosted above the Adriatic sea next to a beach near Pula. What more could you ask for? The speakers exude underground dancefloor music of house, techno, reggae, garage and grime. Now approaching its tenth year, the festival is rumoured to leave lasting smiles on the faces of its visitors.


5: Octoberfest: Dates to be announced - Munich, Germany.

Last year Octoberfest saw 6.2 million guests and 7.5 million litres of beer. The festival usually lasts 16-18 days with amusement rides, amenities and games. It's known as the largest volksfest (people's fair) in the world. The festival not only has an excessive amount of beer available, but programmes include parades, open-air music, beer tents and food outlets.




6: Tomorrowland: Dates to be announced - Boom, Belguim.

An electronic dance festival held in Belgium. Its stages are full of colour, innovative design and futuristic charm. A magical gathering of music, dancing and community. The ethos of the festival is the appreciation of mother nature, the well-being of the next generation, health and respect. The lineups feature the most iconic DJs and iconic stage designs.



7: Rock in Rome: Dates to be announced - Rome, Italy. 

The festival is celebrating ten years of Rock in Roma, you've guessed it by the name, it really is a rock concert in Rome. If you are a Rock lover, then this is the festival for you. Names that played last year are; DURAN DURAN, SLIPKNOT and THE KILLERS. It is a major international rock festival, that shouldn't be missed.


8: Exit Festival: 12-15th July 2018 - Novi Sad, Serbia.

This is a multi-genre music festival. Whatever your style of music, Exit festival has a lot to offer. Over 46,000 people attend this festival and whispered to be 'Unlike anywhere else'. A festival celebrating it's 18th year of great music with two big stages and an impressive dance arena. Treasures await when you wander from the track with an open-air cinema and fusion and reggae stages.


©Ognjen Savija


9: The Earth Garden: Dates to be announced, Malta.

Although rumoured to be Europes best-kept secret, it still hosts 20,000 visitors each year. The festival has four music areas with camping zones and amenities including; Healing fields, a food court and an ethnic market. Although you may not have heard of this festival, internationally it's growing and the festival has already celebrated its 10th year.


10: Soundwave festival: 26 - 30th July 2018. Tisno, Croatia

A festival that lasts three days with five days of side parties and is held at one of the most beautiful locations in Croatia, have I sold it to you yet? Dance along to the varied rhythms of Jazz, Electronica, hip-hop and reggae, whilst taking in the coastal views of Tisno. Oh, and of course, Soundwave festival is famous for its legendary boat party on board a pirate ship.


Get yourself a ticket and we'll see you there folks!

 ©Sergey Galyonkin