27th - 29th July 2018
@ Stoke Prior Country Club

Wizzafest festival hacks



Here at Wizzafest, we can't wait until our festival next year (27th-29th of July). We've put together a few festival hacks, so you're all prepared for the festival season.

1. Don't take a pillow.
Are you struggling to squeeze all of your camping gear into your bag? is the pillow taking up all of the room? Well.. don't take it. I know this probably sounds ludicrous but instead, bring an empty pillowcase with you. When it comes to making your bed at the festival, fold up your clothes and put them inside of the pillowcase. This will save so much room and it will allow you to bring extras.


2. Label all of your valuables.
How many times at a festival is there an announcement on the microphone or a bulk of lost property? Labeling your important things makes it a whole lot easier to be reunited with them. Although you might feel like you're at school labeling everything, even putting your name makes the chances of them being returned to you more likely. I tend to hide these most important valuables in my pillowcase as well, just in case.


3. Pop up tents are just the best thing.
A normal tent can be such a nightmare to assemble. But with a pop-up tent, there isn't much preparing and management involved. Pop up tents are relatively cheap to buy and you won't be disappointed.


4. Always bring a warm jumper.
Even in the summer evenings, it can be chilly. We always recommend bringing a jumper with you, for outside entertainment, night time music or even for sleeping.


5. Always bring a torch.
Getting into your tent and not being able to find the opening on your sleeping bag is the worst. Don't be the person who forgets their torch. A dash to the loo in the middle of the night, you'll need that torch to guide you there. So pack a torch and spare batteries, okay?


6. Dry Shampoo and baby wipes will be your saviors.
Where would we be without these essentials? Festivals are known for dirty showers, so save the hassle and opt for Dry Shampoo to keep the greasy hair at bay and opt for a baby wipe wash. Baby wipes are great for clearing off mud, food leftovers or even as a refresher wipe for your face.


7. Bumbags.
Bumbags are not just a retro accessory or a holiday essential. Bumbags are great at festivals for keeping your valuables safe and the reassurance that you won't lose your handbag whilst dancing. I mean carrying around a handbag whilst dancing is a pain, stick to the bumbag, trust us.


8. Bring Bin bags.
Another festival essential is bin bags. Ideal for separating your dirty or wet clothes from your clean wardrobe. To keep muddy shoes at bay or collecting your rubbish up at the end of the weekend. Bin bags are a great hack for keeping stuff in your tent dry if there any leaks and creating emergency ponchos.


9. Bring a waterproof mat or camping chairs.
You don't fancy standing for most of the festival and sitting on the ground might be a tad muddy. Opting for camping chairs allows you to enjoy the festival whilst resting up before dancing to your fave songs. A waterproof mat is also great to have a group sit down looking onto the stage. The waterproof mat is also a great accessory to have in your tent for any dirty shoes.


10. Tent placement is key
If it's a big festival it can be a nightmare remembering where you've put your tent. Be strategic in your placement. Find a landmark to camp near to, or place a flag on your tent so you know which one is yours.


11. Pack smart
Finally, pack smart. You're going for a fun-filled weekend, don't take things that aren't essential, they'll just take up room. Leave the valuables that you don't need at home. Also rolling your items will make the most of your packing space.


What are your festival hacks?