27th - 29th July 2018
@ Stoke Prior Country Club

Yoga Benefits

Yoga has so many health benefits to an individual, and it's great that you can be any age to practice. We're lucky enough to have Savitri Yoga come to Wizzafest on Sunday 29th of July. Here are just some of the health benefits of Yoga.

Yoga is an ancient form of exercise that focuses on strength, breathing and flexibility. It's designed to help with people's physical and mental wellbeing. Yoga originated in India roughly 5,000 years ago, it has now spread worldwide.



Reduces the chance of falls
Yoga strengthens the lower body and improves balance. This will reduce your chances of falls, as it particularly strengthens knees and ankles.

Help with arthritis.
Yoga can help with arthritis as it promotes flexibility and strength.

Boosts your emotional health
Studies have suggested that yoga can help with depression, sleep problems, schizophrenia etc.

Helps with back pain
There is research to suggest that yoga can be beneficial for chronic back pain.

Hangover relief (ideal for Wizzafest)
Yoga is great to detox your body and help your metabolism. Many poses actually get rid of a hangover quicker.

Yoga plays a huge part in reducing heart disease
Studies suggest that yoga actually improves heart health.

Breathing practice during yoga helps with asthma
The breathing practice is a huge part of yoga practice, which has been known to help ease the symptoms of asthma.

Memory boost. Yes, yoga may even extend your brain!
Yoga reduces mental stress and physical tension, which makes it easier to recall things and create more organised thoughts.


So get your yoga pants at the ready and we'll see you at Wizzafest.

*Photo courtesy of Death to stock